Parent Testimonials

Our main hope for our son, in his first year of preschool, was for him to have a joyful experience - to encounter learning, prayer, and life in the classroom as things to do with joy and gusto. I am so happy to say that Brendan not only was joyful in his first year at Theophany, but GREW - in knowledge, in ability, and in his God-given sense of self. The curriculum's focus on play was both rich and incredibly intentional - I always knew that Brendan's learning was anchored in an educational philosophy that I could trust, and that was appropriate for his age. And his teachers! He loves each teacher at Theophany, not just because they are kind, but because they love him too, just as they love each child in attendance. Cannot recommend highly enough. - Allison Troy

My husband and I were very blessed to have all three of our children attend Theophany School. The staff were incredibly caring, provided engaging daily activities, and developed wonderful relationships with our children. The class sizes were small which allowed the teachers to differentiate to meet students' learning needs. Our son was more than ready to move on to 1st grade after attending Theophany. In addition, we found it very beneficial that Theophany School offered extended hours with special programming. My 3 and 5 year old enjoyed participating in gym class and dance lessons. I highly recommend Theophany School! - Melissa Christ

"It is a blessing to have an educational institution that builds an excellent academic education on the basis of Orthodox faith. Theophany has enriched our kids and our family’s life in numerous ways. It offers the unique combination of a faithful and academically rigorous environment with the best teachers and staff, who come to school every day with smiles, patience and love for the kids and the Orthodox faith. This is what makes my kids so happy to be at Theophany. And having our kids love their school and be happy going to school every day is priceless! Theophany offers the opportunity for kids and families to live in an Orthodox way in their every day life as an extension of life in church. From celebrating saints’ lives to being taught how to make prosforon (blessed bread), Orthodoxy becomes a part of every day life for our kids as well as part of their culture. And this Orthodox education goes hand-in-hand with strong academic education, meeting and exceeding the standards of other schools. From studying famous artists, like Gustav Klimt, to studying physics experiments already as three year olds, my kids have gained not only a great education but have also acquired a great love of learning that will last a lifetime." -Youly Diamanti-Karanou

“Our family is so grateful for Theophany School. There might not be another preschool/Kindergarten program like it in the country! The staff at Theophany are providing excellent, engaging instruction in an extremely loving, Orthodox Christian environment. Because of this, our son is thriving in school. The amount of growth we have seen in him over the past year and half is exciting! At Theophany, he is learning much more than his ABCs-while he progresses academically, he’s also learning to love God and his neighbor.” - Annie Swehla