enrichment opportunities

We know from decades of experience and countless studies on learning styles that children learn best when their senses are engaged. By utilizing multi-sensory, cross curricular learning strategies, our students are empowered to make connections and explore their world in a deeper way. We strive to incorporate as many of these strategies as possible into our daily routine here at Theophany School through our Enrichment Programs, which include weekly programs, monthly visitors, and field trips. Stay tuned for exciting new additions coming this Fall!


Art with Ms. Sarah

Sarah Livick-Moses is the Art teacher at Theophany School. She lives on the campus of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology with her husband, John. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hellenic College in Literature and History, and is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Theological Studies with a concentrated interest in Theology of Culture, Literature, and Art from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. Sarah loves to paint and study iconography in her free time.

Ms. Sarah’s art program is heavily based on process art and creating art from observation, prompts, imagination, and memory. Process art focuses on the journey rather than the destination, allowing children to learn patience and accomplish something important rather than receiving instant results. He art program is highly integrated with children’s literature and the monthly curricular themes to educate children to think like artists and encourage comfort with uninhibited creativity, idea generation, and interdisciplinary study.

Creative Movement & Dance with Dancy Nancy

Ms. Nancy Krieger is a Dance-Movement Therapist and Creative Movement Teacher. After 13 years of formal ballet training in Dallas, TX, Nancy Krieger earned a BS in Psychology at Goucher College, Md; and then a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance (MFA) at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She also studied Dance-Movement Therapy at the Carl Jung Center in Houston. She worked as a therapist for 7 years in the child and adolescent units at Terrell State Hospital (TX) and became a registered Dance-Movement Therapist (R-DMT) of the American Dance Therapy Association. She moved to the Boston area where she worked for 3 years with chronic pain patients at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital (Woburn). Currently, she teaches Creative Movement in Boston/Needham area preschools – where she is known as ‘Dancy Nancy’, offering developmentally appropriate movement/kinesthetic awareness, expressive, communicative, explorative repertoire, based on diverse styles and modalities. She also works with children with multi-abilities, including developmental delays and challenges, providing enriched experiences and therapeutic opportunities. Nancy continues to supervise Dance-Movement Therapy trainees and give continuing education workshops in Stress-Management and Teacher’s Continuing Education with Mindful Movement in the Classroom (Kinesthetic Learning). She also sings in a community chorus and is an active community volunteer (e.g., reading programs).

As a developmental movement specialist, Ms. Nancy brings enrichment to the class by enhancing and inspiring the creative-kinesthetic developmental process for children and their teachers. Developmental movement awareness and experiences are synonymous with growth and a child’s development. Their first interaction with the world is through the moving body – pre-birth, pre-sight, pre-verbal…Children move naturally and benefit from the experience of using this natural impulse to explore themselves, others and the world around them. Use of movement/dance in the classroom enhances learning by providing physical, emotional and aesthetic attention.