Programs at Theophany School

Creating a Learning Community

At Theophany School every child is known and loved. The child is the center of the curriculum, and teachers strive to meet the individual developmental needs of each child.  Our classrooms are designed to encourage learning by discovery; children learn to express their ideas in a community of learners guided by seasoned teachers. Our curriculum is driven by:

  • integrated thematic units that touch on relevant topics in our students’ lives,
  • teacher-directed activities balanced with free play,
  • relationships with peers and teachers that foster community responsibility, and
  • recognition and respect for God’s creation
Little Doves

Little Doves Program

Through exploration, exposure, inquiry, routine and support, the Little Doves Program will help your child take precious, little steps towards a big, bright future.In a warm, loving Orthodox Christian environment that is safe, secure, students transition gently from home to a school setting. Caring, degreed, and fully-licensed teachers nurture students as they meet their milestones. Find out more

Preschool Program

The preschool program focuses on cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and kinesthetic development. Our teachers use developmentally appropriate approaches to learning: play-based, musical, artistic, and academic. Students begin to develop a love of learning, gaining skills within a structured, nurturing environment preparing them for their future schooling.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Program

Our pre-k/kindergarten is a full-day program that emphasizes reading, writing, and math skills along with supplementary science and social studies curricula. Small class sizes and accelerated academic programming allows students of all levels to succeed and thrive. Children are active learners who help guide the curriculum with their interests.  

Further Extended Hours 

We understand that our parents have busy lives and obligations that often extend beyond normal school hours. To offset that, we have Extended Day Programs for all ages.