Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Volunteer Policy

Theophany School, as a non-profit institution, does not receive annual budgetary support from Church or State agencies and thus depends upon its student tuition to operate. However, in an effort to keep tuition affordable, Theophany subsidizes approximately $1,000 per student through various fundraising efforts.

The School provides its students with an education that will prepare them for life both through sound instruction and grounding in the Orthodox faith and Tradition. We at Theophany School see ourselves as a natural extension of the family. Consistent and enthusiastic involvement of the parents strengthens the academic program providing an important link between the classroom and the home environment. Parent participation is critical in achieving Theophany’s goal and mission, ensures the smooth operation of the school, and keeps tuition rates as reasonable as possible.

Our Parental Involvement Policy requires that each family contribute 10 hours of volunteer work per school year. Families can meet this requirement by choosing from an array of activities which can be done at home or at the school. Our Volunteer coordinator is available to help match your skills and availability to the activities that need to be done to keep the school running. In addition, please watch the monthly newsletter and classroom postings for one-time activities needing urgent attention. Teachers can often provide ideas if you are having trouble fulfilling your hours, and we encourage parents to take the initiative and suggest a task or project they would like to take on to enhance the School. 

Your investment of time and talents is critical to our success and represents the truest form of stewardship. We look forward to partnering with you as co-investors in the education and formation of your children.


Parental Involvement Opportunities

Here are just a few ways to fulfill your volunteer hours. Please check any and all options that you may be interested in pursuing or organizing. Thank you for your time in advance!


  • Sonia’s Run: Distribute flyers, solicit donations, set-up, staff event, clean-up
  • Annual Benefit Event: Event planning/prep, solicit donations, organize, staff event, clean-up, post-event activities
  • Mailings: Stuffing and sorting envelopes for various school and event mailings  
  • Box Tops and Labels for Education: Organize and send in box top and label donations
  • In-house Fundraisers: These could include cookie tray sales, gift wrapping booth, catalog sales, etc., event planning & advertising, coordinating and implementing all aspects of the fundraiser (soliciting helpers, items, etc.), distribution & collection of materials, items and payments
  • Office Help: Assist office by photocopying at the school, computer data entry, organizing and implementing mailing list, researching grant opportunities, etc.
  • Friday Afternoon Clean-up: Breakdown classrooms for the weekend


All volunteer hours must be met by May 31st. Hours earned in June, July and August will be applied to upcoming school year.