Theophany School Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the program which will give friends, parents, alumni, staff and trustees of Theophany an opportunity to provide an annual gift in support of the School. Like most private schools, the cost of providing a quality education exceeds the tuition revenue. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide the unrestricted dollars that we need to allow us to provide the outstanding education that makes Theophany School so unique. With countless worthwhile causes to support, one might ask, just what numbers Theophany amongst the worthy? Here it is in a nutshell. Today's children are the next generation of leaders in our churches, and in our communities. The mission of Theophany School is to quite simply prepare children to be successful in life, and to be good stewards of their God-given gifts and talents. What more could we want for our children? If they can learn to love God and love their neighbor, then, one child at a time, they will surely change the world!

You are a part of that. Your support has changed lives. Whether you were there with words of encouragement from the very first meetings, or whether your children were amongst the first class of students, or whether you were recently welcomed into our family through the loss of our dear Sonia, your support has allowed us to grow and to become the thriving School that we are. We can never thank you enough for your donations, your prayers and your desire to become involved. With deepest gratitude, we humbly ask you to stay with us . . . to embrace our mission . . . and to support Sonia's vision.

We ask everyone within our Theophany community to consider a gift, regardless of size. Gifts in any amount make a difference and participation is a key factor. Your annual gift and partnership will assist us as we move forward, continuing to build upon the excellent foundation laid by the founders and trustees of the School.

Every dollar matters, every child benefits.

Thank you for your continued support.