Welcome letter


Dearest Families,

Thank you for your interest in Theophany School! Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have worked tirelessly to engage the senses, enlighten the minds, and nurture the spirits of our students. In educating the whole child, we cultivate each child’s God given gifts and talents and encourage them to be independent thinkers and thoughtful members of our School, their neighborhoods, and their religious communities.

At Theophany School, we believe that each child deserves individualized attention in order to challenge their strengths and develop their weaknesses. By keeping our student-to-teacher ratios low, each child has the opportunity to spend time one-on-one with teachers, as well as participating in both small and large group activities. A key element to our approach is thematic-based education that embeds basic skills and knowledge around exciting and age appropriate themes. This year our students will be participating in real life cooking, baking, etiquette, and sales skills through our unit called “Café Theophany”, exploring Christmas traditions from around the world, examining pond creatures, and bringing dinosaurs back to life. While our curriculum theme changes from year to year to take into account the interests and needs of our students, the overall educational goal focuses on offering multiple ways of learning and developing basic knowledge, skills and behaviors.   This multi-sensory, hands on approach to play, story-telling and activities taps into multiple areas of the brain which, in turn, allows students to better understand, retain and transfer information. These are the fundamental building blocks for higher order thinking, critical to their long-term success as students continue to grow and become mature learners. This is also the cornerstone of using Orthodoxy as the framework for our educational philosophy and delivery.

Our School not only nurtures our students, but also encourages family participation as well. Be it joining in morning prayers, engaging in parent coffee talks, coordinating envelopes for a mailing, enjoying fellowship at our annual fundraiser or scheduling play dates, our families play, learn and pray together. We consider each family to be a part of our larger Theophany School family.

We invite you to “come and see” what makes our students and our program so special. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We hope you will join our family soon! 

With love in Christ,

Kristen Gilmore
Interim Director, Theophany School